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St.Jude - His Life


His Life


Beloved in Christ, please permit us to introduce you to a faithful friend of ours, the Holy Apostle and Martyr, Saint Jude Thaddeus. He has proven always to be a very caring saint, obviously concerned about helping those of us still with flesh and blood.

St Jude, the Saint of the impossible Deeds,did not get this title by mere chance, on the contrary, he got his title the old-fashioned way, he earned it!, by proving, over and over again, that he cares about those who pray to him for help, for his powerful intercessory powers before the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity.

He once lived in this world and is familiar with many of the problems of life. He had his good and bad days, like most of us. Here is a little data about him ,so that you can see him, first, as a person. Secondly, how he was helped, by the Most Holy Will and Grace of God, to be not only a disciple of Jesus Christ, and later one of His Twelve Apostles. He was a saint who has a immense deal of empathy for all of us who are in this world today, and frequently rewards those who pray to him!

The father of baby Jude and his brothers, James and Simon, was Cleophas alias Alpheus. He mother’s name was Mary. She was related to Blessed Virgin Mary. Jude and James were first cousins of Christ and apparently the two closest blood relatives to later become His Apostles.

After the resurrection of Jesus, Jude went to Edhessa (Greece) for preaching the Gospel. Later he moved to Mesopotomia (now known as Iraq), where he faced many problems. They simply threw dead bodies to wild animals, practiced black magic and were very immoral. They offered children as sacrifice to a mythical god of fire. Jude objected to all these and in return earned their wrath. He embraced martyrdom when he was mortally attacked with clubs and finally beheaded.

The Catholic Church honours him as the Saint of Impossible Deeds, realising his special concern for the helpless masses. In 1982, the police force in Chicago adopted him as their Patron Saint.

St.Jude is also known as Lebai Sleeha.


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