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Other Church Activities

The Vincent De-Paul Society

A unit of this International organisation is working in St. Jude Church from 1991 onwards. It was expanded in 1997 with the formation of a women's wing. The gents wing is the St. Jude Conference with nine active members and the women's wing is the Vimala Hridaya Conference with eight. As per the bye laws, weekly meetings are conducted. Society helps poor people on a regular basis. The members try to achive self purification by practicing Christian morals and thereby bringing others also to purity. Food,educatin and health care are some of the areas in which the Society gives monetary help. Also small sums are disbursed to start local business as interest free loans.The St. Jude Coference built 2 houses for the poor in the last 2 years. A third is being completed as a joint venture of the men/women wings. The key will be handed over by Arch Bishop Dr.Daniel Acharuparambil. The ceremony is schuled for 15 th April 2004, the parish day. The weekly collection from the members and the donations from benefactors are the sources of income for the Society.The Parish Priest is the spiritul guide and inspiration for all activities.

The Vincent De-Paul runs a small stall, that sells prayer items and religious books.


Mathruvedi (Mothers Group) started functing in the Church from 26th May 2001 onwards under the patronship of Fr. Joseph Thattarussery. Sixty active members are now working in the group. They formally meet once in a month on the 2nd Saturday, in the parish hall. The objectives include spiritual uplifting and giving hands on experience to the women folk. On Mission Sundays Mathruvedi cooks and distributes food packets. In Christmas/ Easter seasons, they make arrangements for Confession and Holy Eucharist of the sick and old people. Small gifts are given to them and variety entertainment programmes are presented to uplift their spirits. They buy and distribute uniform clothes for poor kids and also give them monetary help to meet expenses at the school. Their mission is to "Bring Harmony" in the families and hence in the society at large. Their motto is "Hope and Power for the Women folk"
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