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St.Jude's Mission

A devotee of Jesus returned to Edessa (Greece) from Jerusalem. He met King Abgara and appraised him of the miraclous healing powers and teachings of Jesus. On hearing this, the king, who was afflicted with acute leprosy was filled with hope of cure. One look, one word, one touch would free him of his malady. He immediately sent his emissionaries to Jerusalem with a request that Jesus might accompany them back to his kingdom. But, Jesus was unwilling to set out from the Holy Land, to which the Divine Father had sent him.

Not losing heart, King Abgara ordered his court painter to go to Jerusalem and return with a masterful painting of Jesus. But try as he might, using all his fine talents, he could not bring himself to depict the divine grace and aura of Christ to full perfection. Through his divine vision, Jesus came to know about this irony. And realizing the depth of the King's devotion, he took a piece of cloth and made an impression of his face on it. He then gave it to the painter and ordered to take it back to King Abgara. He further promised to send one of his disciples to Edessa.

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was Jude the Thaddeus on whom this mission fell. After spreading the mission and gospel of Jesus in Edessa, he shifted to Mesopotomia (Iraq).He did miraclous healings there but was brutally clubbed to death.

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