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The Vincent De-Paul Society

This is a very active society working in the Archdiocese of Verapoly. There are 148 conferences with a membership of 1425 altogether. The society spent Rs.1,35,66,000 for charity activities last year. Members gave anonymous donations of Rs 21,97,000 last year. There is a central council observing and controlling the activities of member conferences in parishes.
There are five zones under the central council and three area councils under each zone. Each area council has 8 to 15 ordinary conferences. Ettekkar unit comes under the Thottakkattukara area council. Ettekkar church have two units , one for men and one for women. An approximate sum of two lakhs is the estimate per year, of which 25 percent is from the anonymous contribution of members. There are benevolent parishioners, donating monthly for a good cause.


Spiritual Guidance



Parish Priest

President (Mens Conference) -


Poly Kodiyan

President (Womens Conference) -


Annie John Kanapilly

It is our privilege to have our Secretary to the Mens conference, Mr.Antony Kuttissery, officiating as the Central Council President of Verapoly Archdiocese.

He is also the internal auditor for the National Council and editorial board member of the national bulletin"Reachout".

Catechism Department

Ettekkar parish concentrates on teaching catechism to the younger generation. Familiarizing Jesus and the Bible are given topmost priority. Taking Him as the role model in wisdom and obedience,we train all children of age 4 to 18 on Sundays. The target of our strict catechism department is to make the salt tasteful and the light kept open (Matt 5:13). This implies continuous training of our youth staring at a early age. Ettekkar unit stands first in the diocese for the last seven years securing many trophies and certificates. There are twenty one very dedicated teachers in the dept. All of them have trained by BCTC and ICTC suggested by the diocese.


Spiritual Guidance -



Fr.Michael D'Cruz (Parish Priest)


Animator - Sr.Savio Mary (Vimala Hridaya Convent)

Promoters from the Archdiocese visit frequently. They give remedial advice for the proper conduct of classes.

The instructions of the Hierarchy is fulfilled with utmost vigil and enthusiasm, with the Grace of Holy Spirit, the supreme teacher.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary assists the Catholic Church in the constant fight against devastating evil powers. It is a voluntary religious "army" formed under the heavenly patronage of Immaculate Mary and blessings of the Holy Catholic Church. It was formed on the 7th of September 1921 by Frankduf with the help of the priest Michael Tohore of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland.A group of catholic women joined soon after. Legion of Mary was formed in St.Jude church on 3th May 2008, under Ernakulam Commission.




Spiritual Guidance - Parish Priest




President - Moly Johnykutty


Secretary - Sheeja Antony


Treasurer - Sophy Joy

The Legion of Mary have Rosary and "Tessera" at 3.p.m every Friday and two hour community service every week. Community Service is mainly through hospital visits. At present there are fifteen active members in the Legion.


Mathruvedi (Mothers Group) started functioning in the Church from 26th May 2001 onwards under the patron-ship of Fr. Joseph Thattarussery. Several hundred active members are now working in the group. They formally meet once in a month on the 2nd Saturday, in the parish hall. The objectives include spiritual uplifting and giving hands on experience to the women folk. Their mission is to "Bring Harmony" in the families and hence in the society at large. Their motto is "Hope and Power for the Women folk.


1. International women's day celebration-March 8th,main highlight was a class by Sr Concillia Mary of Vimala Hridaya Convent on Women empowerment and personality development.

2. Session on child rearing in an efficient and effective way -resource person, Fr,Vincent Variyath on July 27th.

3. Onam celebration with Pookalam and Sadya on 25th August.

4. Interactive session on Ideal motherhood- moderator Fr.Antony lijo Oadthingal.

5. Class on vegetable  and tree planting-Haritham project by Manager, Manjusha on 27th April.

6. Monsoon diseases- Class by Dr.Ivy Thomas on 2nd June, 2012.


1. Meals arranged for inmates of House of   Providence, Kochi

2. Hospital visits and homevisits are routine for the members.

3. Cleaning and other chores related to ootusadya is volunteered by mothers .

5. The picnic on 14th may to Chalakudy,Sampalur, Kodungallor and kadukutty.

6. Running the "JYOTHIS Self Help Group" with 10 units. Products include soap powder, dish wash, Liquid soap, phenol, Floor cleaner. This is a source of income for the mothers.


Co-ordinator - Sr. Concillia Mary


President - Sheela Jacob


Secretary - Shiny Joseph 


Treasurer - Lisy Joseph

The Vicar and Asst Vicar are always giving support and direction to their activities

Thirubaala Sakhyam

Thirubalasakhyam is a religious group of children. It aims to brings up kids in the way infant Jesus was brought up in Nazarath - to grow up in wisdom and love. The group targets to make orphans worldwide, friends of Jesus, protect and pray for them. It also aims to keep them firm in  values and faith. The Sakhyam meets once a week, preferably on Saturdays in Church in front of the Infant Jesus Status, to pray. Selected readings from the Holy Bible follow. The Animator, Sr.Sampreetha Mary familiarizes members with stories of Saints and scriptures. She teaches them devotional songs, moral values and games. Monthly reports are prepared by the president, it is presented and the meeting concludes with a song. Thirubala Sakhyam trains Catholic children to lead a value-based life, prepares them to face evil influences with the constant intercession of Infant Jesus.

Special Projects

THELIMA - Parish members are encouraged to donate their eyes after death. Consent for this is given to the Family units, to be monitored and executed by volunteers. Our Parish priest inaugurated the project by pledging his eyes.
THANAL - This envisages palliative care of ill and infirm members in the neighborhood, irrespective of religion. The project is executed by Vincent De Paul society with the help of volunteers. It was launched on Ash Wednesday, 2012.
HARITHAM - An attempt by the Mothers' Group MATHRUVEDI to spread vegetable and tree planting, the project was launched on April 15th, 2012.
SUKRUTHAM - A sincere effort to fight against environment pollution, by abstaining from the use of Plastic and promoting recycling. The project was launched on Independence Day, 2012.
AARDRAM - This is aimed to support people recovering from addiction through prayers. The project was launched on 3rd December 2014, the feast day of St.Francis Xavier.

The five Special Projects mentioned above are a tribute by Ettekkar Parish to the Verapoly Arch Diocese, celebrating its Jubilee year in 2012.

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